Saturday, June 12, 2010

:: kamu ::

knowing KAMU adalah my mistake, to trust KAMU adalah my bigger mistake, to fall in love with KAMU adalah my biggest mistake..

:: haram jadah ::

sangat malas nak amik tahu hal sekeliling.. rasa macam tak kuasa sungguh dah.. macam meluat.. macam nk sepak2 saja.. memang WA tak ada perasaan! lu kisah pe? WA nak mencarut pun , lu kisah pe? blog WA, hati WA, sukahati WA laa.. huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! sengal doh! macam ci...! haram tul!!

:: From This Moment On ::

 for him~ our journey of 7 years with lots of love and joy....

:: emo ::

sometime it just happen, when u stare blankly to screen.. when u feel like wanna burst to tears.. feel like no others care about u.. feels like not even single person understand u.. feels like there r so much of burden on ur shoulder..when u feel like u found someone who can walk wif u and suddenly u lost the grip when u need most that hand.. when u feel like u noe there is someone who can talk to u and feel the same way u feel and in just a second u realize u alone and struggle finding ur way back home.. sometime it just happen.. and happen again.. even thou it hard and much rough, it should happen.. so then u will noe how much it takes to b strong...

:: ma fucker turn me off ::

~~ i wait a minute little buster.. u got one more time to feel on my booty.. better recognize a lady that ain`t the way u do me.. U TURNIN ME OFF.. u ever try to get that close to me.. u better come correct.. how u proachin me~~