Sunday, July 18, 2010

:: hari sabtu yang panjang ::

now 4:42am.. im still awake.. huge bulging eye, watching ultimate cake off... mamam burger.. a home made burger.. no oil, no sos.. more green corals, more tomato and 2 slice of cheese! yummmy... hummm... went to tesco tadi, misi utama, beli durian!! waaaaaaaaa sangat addicted to durians.. today me telah membeli 4 packs of durians that cost me 50rm.. hummm... x kisah laa... as long dapat full my craving.. it is easy buy from tesco.. tak payah nk susah payah kopek kulit durian.. nanti tangan luka... (alasan malas) -_-" ... then bought huge stocks of green coral and red coral, tomato, bay leave, cucumber.. me cuba on veggy salad now.. (malam ini dikecualikan dengan home made burger) weeeee -_-" .. then bila nk bayar, me pass to cashier my own reusable bag and tesco card, ada 7. yup im a green consumer, try to make less plastic waste.. then buleh collect point, nnt boleh dpt shoping voucher.. then boleh lagi beli durians!! weeeee.. ok ok.. back to the cashier point, en cashier tu dengan selamber je letak tepi my bag.. wokeh!! ni nak kena lagi ni.. every time ok this problem happen to me, they all never key in point of my green bag.. siap paid me check my receipt, syabas sekali lagi x key in.. haihhhhhhhh.. u noe the whole procedure of refund points and key in back points will take about 15 to 20 mins.. lemas...  yang buat me marah adalah this point actually a motivated points of awareness to ppl about green consumer.. palstic waste.. haihhh... if it happen like this each time for sure ppl pun malas nk bawa their own bag... haihhhh... first time it happen to me, me malas nak make refund points, payah.. alik check on tesco website, we should give our bag wif tesco card to cashier upon payment... so next visit i do laa like what wrote on website, pun sama x juga they add my points... so it repeating.. every weeks... haihhh... so then today.. me terus email.. malas dah nak melayan all this.. dengan masa yang terlalu lama waiting.. humm.. yup i am a kiasu.. u may say so.. but most of all, im trying to save my mother earth!

06:06 am
just finish talking to my close brother.. berbual ringan kan masaalah.. me fikir me dah mula masuk mid 20s problem.. weeeeeee.. im kinda worried about my lil bro.. u noe like kak long yang risau kan adik baru masuk U.. im so scared if my lil bro terpengaruh dgn anasir-anasir yang tak baik.. my lil bro is 18.. macam x percaya.. he grown up! me noe me shuld give a chance to him to explore his own world, his own life and his own personality.. haiyyohhh.. susah nya perasaan ini.. mesti my mak and abah feels the same way too kan when im in my lil bro age...