Sunday, July 4, 2010

:: mineral powder and me = kekasih sejati ::

a gf of mine asking me y im using this type of powder?? y yea? me just said im using it to control oily skin of mine, tak pula terfikir the benefit of the MINERALS... hahaha sengal lohh me... me using maybelline mineral pure powder shade c01 light orche.. yea this is the best powder i ever used laa.. sangat long lasting even up to 12 hours! my skin rasa sangat light and tak berminyak like using cake powder.. maklum laa my skin sangat oily like kuali goreng ikan -_-" .. the only problem nya it came wif kabuki brush without brush case, so im using ziplock bag to keep my brush clean in my handbag...  ok berbalik to the benefits of MINERALS kn, this powder no preservative, no oils, no fragrances... so sangat-sangat suitable for sensitive skin.. and this powder too dah ada spf 18, so tak payah laa nk use sunsreen.. kn senang... also this minerals are triple refined microminerals so sangat gentle to ur skin and allow ur skin to breathe!! Actually, mineral foundation powder contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which have been proven to improve the condition of your skin with continued use. this two minerals are also a very powerfull sunblock!! for this reason alone, mineral-based make up is recommended by dermatologist and palstic sugeons during the healing time after sugery because minerals promotes and speed up heeling.... woooooooohh... These minerals aid in oil absorption and keep a matte fresh finish throughout the day and into the night. They contain no skin irritating materials. They are also comedogenic, which means they will not block or clog pore!.. minerals powder are also water resistant and can withstand tearas, weather and sweat! so maklumlaa we are not 4 seasons country kan, peluh bebaldi pun makeup tak cair!! -_-"

Here are some helpful hints for application:
First of all, a good set of make up brushes is important. The quality of the brushes can make a huge difference in the look of an application.(thats y maybelline come wif kabuki brush!)
• Apply mineral foundation dry loose powders for soft, air brushed look. For heavier and longer lasting coverage, use a damp make up brush to apply the powder to your face. It lasts all day and it very waterproof!
• For a dewy or glowing effect, you can mix loose powder with moisturizer. A small amount of this mix applied with your fingers on the apples of cheeks can really create a shimmery and lustrous effect.
• Try to absorb any excess moisture on your face before using loose powder if you desire a matte look. This serves to prevent a blotchy appearance and prevents power from clumping up around your T-Zone. The T-Zone is your forehead, nose and chin, which are notoriously oily spots.
• When using creme mineral foundation powder, start off applying it very lightly using downward strokes. Remember, it does not take much, since mineral make up is so pure and is a concentrated pigment. Start lightly dusting and then build up layers if needed, especially around your T-Zone. Let the powder set while you finish up your eyes or lips.
• To finish your make up, apply a light application of loose powder down the middle of the T-zone, across the eyes and lips. If too much powder is applied in the beginning of the makeup, your skin appears shinier quicker.

Why You'll Love It 

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation with 100% micro-minerals not only provides flawless coverage, but also makes your skin clearer, smoother and more radiant - even when you’re not wearing any.

  • Results clinically proven after 8 weeks*: 52% improvement in skin smoothness; 49% improvement in skin luminosity; 43% reduction in redness
  • Buildable, even coverage
  • Tested on sensitive skin
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Contains 0% oil, 0% talc, 0% preservatives and 0% fragrance SPF 18 
*Based on a clinical study 

Mineral Power™ Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation

For Best Results

Use the 100% natural kabuki brush included with the powder foundation.
1) Dip it: Dip brush into cap.
2) Tap it: Tap brush to remove excess.
3) Apply it: Apply to face using circular motion.
To clean brush, wash once a month with a mild shampoo. Allow to air-dry

:: terapung ::

was awake by pain on my left shoulder -_-" .... sakit berdenyut-denyut.. now cant sleep anymore.. haiiihh...
today i had fun weekend! swimming session dr 8pm to 10.30.. jakuzi... blup blup.. not swimming actually sebab badan tak bergerak pun! more to terapung je.. weeeeeeee... (sebaik ada pelampung keras ya amat tu!)... ni la kan masaalah orang yang tak senaman ni, tu yang sengal je badan ni.. haiyooohhh... bergelak sakan, tenggelam timbul.. many thanks to dear friend of us, agilan and his gf sebab layan kami ni... his gf sampai sanggup ambil al just to teman us mandi manda... disebabkan lama jadi badak berendam, perut pun berbunyi-bunyi laa after that kan... we had a wonderful dinner at this famous restaurant at jb (cant recall the name) -_-" atas pokok... makan minum sampai laaa kedai tu nk tutup at 2.30am... ok badan dh penat.. perut pun dah full... alik tido adalah yang terbaik.... ada few snap tapi wif agilan laaa... will upload soon ok... tak larat lagi dah nak tulis... nasib baik ada muscle pain cream... -_-"