Thursday, July 1, 2010

:: half of the year ::

OMG... july... times realy fly yea.. its been half a year past! hummmm... look back at my new year resolutions.. woooooooo not even half done! can i add 1 more wishes?(if i could -_-" ) to reverse back time.. haiyohhh... lots of things to fix! since it already past half of year me mohon ampun dan maaf if ada sesiapa yang terasa or sakit hati disebabkan me .. thats all for tonite.. mood really easy to come and go even halfway writing! haisshhh.. nyte.. muwaahh.

:: rindu ::

while flipping thru my sist's album... my eye stop.. OMG.. i miss my lil sist so much, yea she look a bit skinny in this pic.. but her eye make me feel so desprado missed her! its been 2 month last i saw her.. hummm... meeya along mish u laa cyg..