Friday, May 14, 2010

:: yummy sambal in my tummy ::

yum yum. weeehuuu today me cook sambal!! a very yum yum sambal! actually tis is first tyme me cook sambal by myself! but i do chage fews of item which i cant get here.. there no "belacan/ prawn paste" and air "asam jawa/ tamarind", so i change it to anchovy paste and lemon juice for tamarind.. so gurls who are like me.. wewewe.. type of dunt realy now how to.. hahaha.. here u go..

                             what we need:
  1. 3 onions/ bawang besar
  2. 2 garlics/ bawang putih
  3. 250 gms chili paste (using about 15pcs dried chili)
  4. 1 inch prawn paste/ belacan ( i change it to anchovy paste!)
  5. tamarind juice/ air asam jawa (i change it with lemon juice!)
                           how should we do:
  1. blend onions and garlic.
  2. blend chilies with prawn paste.
  3. heat pan. with 4 tbs oil.
  4. fried onion and garlic till brownish.
  5. pour chili paste and fried till u can see oil surface on top of this mixture!
  6. add some salt ( im using anchovy paste, so no salt needed)
  7. add tamarind/ lemon juice.
                        bravo gurlz! u r done! :) weehuuuuu!

yup! thats all we need. simple yet yummy!! daaaaaaaaa.. i miss my mom cooks... :(

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